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Matt Wineera

Licensee Salesperson


Where it began

Starting as a Real Estate Salesperson in 1981 covering the Mount and Papamoa, Matt went on to become an Area Manager, then Regional Manager for a National Real Estate Company – one he credits for honing his business skills and instilling a solid grounding.  He opened his own agency in 1990 at Papamoa East, before the area gained recognition, then spent time in the Waikato from 1997 to 2006 continuing to expand his experience in the real estate industry through business partnerships, management and as a Salesperson. Being at the coal face is his passion, though , as there’s so much satisfaction and enjoyment in helping people to buy the home they desire and to also help homeowners to get the best price possible when it’s time to sell.

Property Writer - Jo Ferris writes

There’s an honesty about Matt Wineera that cannot be bluffed.  Sincerity is crucial in this game – particularly now; with tighter rules for agents and a more demanding public.  Longevity counts.  Or, more precisely – experience and an ability to listen.  Hearing is one thing – listening is a skill.  Matt says negotiation is key to any sale – listening to vendors and buyers and fronting difficult questions so both get what they want. He also talks about removing pressure – giving everyone space to decide.

The vendor is boss, according to Matt.  He might not always agree, but he respects their views and works with them for a good outcome.  Matt’s focus is planning and timing.  Forget the manuals and formulas.  He has worked on those in various high-profile managerial roles.  It’s all about process for him – putting everything in place and communicating – from photos and marketing to negotiation.

“Plan right and everything will fall into place,” says Matt. “People ask me how long it will take to sell their home.  My answer is, that from the day marketing hits the street, I aim to have an offer within the first four to six weeks.”

Every property? Of course not. The market, with all its vagaries, will always affect the dynamics.  Matt’s role is to understand the market; know what’s selling, where and how long. That, and knowing what buyers want.

Fixed prices

Matt prefers them. Auction has its place and he cites uniqueness, necessity and market moods as deciding factors.  Those aside, Matt will offer a price range as a guide – and say why. Guide is his operative word; because even Matt can be surprised.

He tips an historic Papamoa beachfront sale as his most satisfying highlight.  Not only did he work to some exacting vendor requirements and a nervous reserve; he secured Papamoa’s first half-million dollar plus sale – to a buyer who hadn’t even entered the house.

A quick word from Matt

Buying or Selling Your Home has to be an enjoyable experience . My goal and commitment is to “Always do what’s best for You”


  • 2020/2021 - Executive
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